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Welcome to Janjua Care Clinic (Homeopathy)

Janjua Care Clinic is Homeopathic clinic and  was established on 5th  January 2005 at Tehsil & District Chiniot. Dr. Qaisar Abbas Janjua is the owner of this Clinic.

The major objective of Janjua Care Clinic is to develop awareness about Homeopathy among the people living in District Chiniot, Pakistan as well as others countries. People from all over the world are welcome to discuss his/her diseases/problems without any consultation fee/charges. Many people from Iran, UK and Australia are taking  medicine from Janjua Care Clinic.

Dr. Qaisar Abbas Janjua has worked with different International/National NGOs for the promotion of Homeopathic treatment System. He has conducted 25 free medical camps in the poor area of Chiniot with the help of Helping Hands UK, Jhok Aid Project UK and World Homeopathic Organization USA. Moreover he has delivered many lectures on homeopathy in different events.

Dr.Qaisar Abbas Janjua is practicing at Janjua Care Clinic Chiniot from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Feel free to contact at : E-Mail: drqaj@yahoo.com Cell No: +92 333 6700905



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